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Ensuring a smooth and fair payment process for your nanny is essential for a positive caregiver-parent relationship. In this simple guide, we’ll explore our top 5 tips to pay the nanny effectively and in compliance with legal standards in Australia.

Tip 1: Setting a Fair Pay the Nanny Rate

To pay the nanny fairly, begin by determining a competitive and equitable hourly or salary rate. Consider the nanny’s experience, responsibilities, and your location to arrive at a reasonable figure. Our guide to Nanny payrates for 2024 blog is a good place to start.

Remember that nanny wages are influenced by many factors, including the age and number of children, the extra duties your nanny performs outside of direct childcare, the schedule/length of shifts, and of course the specialties or qualifications the nanny brings to the role.

Tip 2: Navigating Legal Compliance in Pay the Nanny

Stay on the right side of the law when it comes to paying your nanny. Understand minimum wage requirements, tax implications, and other legal considerations. Complying with legal standards ensures a smooth and trouble-free pay-the-nanny process.

It’s essential that you not only maintain appropriate wages, tax, and super contributions, but that you process these on time and in the correct manner. NannyPay ensures that PAYG and Super are paid on time to the ATO and provides you and your nanny with the paperwork you need.

Tip 3: Tailoring Your Pay the Nanny Approach

Recognise that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to paying the nanny. We recommend customising your payment structure to align with your unique circumstances. Whether it’s hourly rates, guaranteed hours, or live-in arrangements, a personalised approach to pay the nanny in your home can foster a positive caregiver-parent relationship.

Tip 4: Addressing Additional Considerations in Paying Your Nanny

Elevate your pay-the-nanny strategy by considering paid leave, holiday bonuses, and overtime. Acknowledging these factors goes beyond the basics and contributes to a fair and comprehensive arrangement. Professional nannies are more likely to take a position that offers these entitlements.

It is standard for nannies in Australia to be paid based on the hours they work, so it’s important for you to make sure you’re factoring in any extra costs you’ll incur. The NannyPay team understands this industry so well, and we’re always happy to chat to you and your nanny to help you understand the whole picture.

Tip 5: Fostering Open Communication when it comes to paying your nanny.

Effective communication is key to a successful pay-the-nanny strategy. Discussing adjustments, conducting performance reviews, and addressing challenges openly ensures a transparent and trusting relationship. It’s not always comfortable to talk about money but building a strong foundation for your working relationship, using nanny agreement contracts and legal pay that ticks all the boxes, helps to make it feel a little easier.


By incorporating these 5 essential tips to pay the nanny correctly, you’re not just engaging in a financial transaction but fostering a supportive and positive caregiver-parent dynamic. Implement these strategies to navigate the intricacies of paying the nanny with confidence.

We understand paying your nanny the right way can feel overwhelming at times, from tax obligations to setting them up as an employee, it requires a lot of planning. That is why NannyPay exists, to help busy families pay the nanny – the right way.

Explore how NannyPay’s tools can simplify and enhance your pay-the-nanny strategy. Secure a harmonious relationship with your caregiver through streamlined and compliant solutions. Learn more about our nanny payroll services here.

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