Can I Pay a Nanny in Cash?

pay a nanny

Sure, you can pay a nanny in cash.. But should you? In most cases, no. Let’s go through the different options for paying a nanny and see what makes the most sense for each situation.

We Need A Nanny – 4 reasons why we love them!

we need a nanny

Announcing our first Payroll Partner – We Need A Nanny! At NannyPay, our goals are bigger than just providing a payroll service for families and nannies.  It’s not hard to see why we chose to work with WNAN.

The Value of Nanny Care

value of nannies

Are you curious about the value of employing a nanny? Nannies can provide benefits for the whole family. When you decide to hire a nanny, make sure you are providing them with the security of employment. NannyPay believes in the value of professional nanny care, and make it easy for parents to pay them legally.

Why employ your nanny once you’ve found the perfect person?

employ your nanny

Hiring a nanny is not as simple as just transferring cash. Some parents will already be set up with the tools and know-how to process a nanny’s payroll but if you don’t know how to employ your nanny, don’t panic! NannyPay can help you meet all of your employer obligations.