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The simplest way to go about hiring a nanny is to engage with a nanny agency. We work with a lot of wonderful agencies across Australia and they’re great at what they do. But there are costs involved in using an agency and not all families can or want to outsource their search. Can you find, screen, and hire a nanny yourself? Absolutely. (…With a little help from NannyPay when it’s time to set up employment, of course!) Here’s some insight into the process of hiring a nanny and some things to consider along the way.

Assess your family’s needs

The great thing about hiring a nanny is that you get to choose the nanny and arrangement that best suits your family. Think about what your priorities are and how a nanny will be of the best value to you. Consider things such as:

– the hours you need someone to care for your children

– any tasks you’d love for the nanny to help with outside of the basics (helping with laundry and meal prep are common)

– what knowledge/experience you like the nanny to have (experience with supporting sleep routines, an ability to help with homework, managing allergies or a medical condition).

Research local nanny rates and calculate costs

Look at advertisements from local families and agencies seeking nannies and speak to people in your community. Remember that on top of a nanny’s hourly rate you will likely be paying for things like Worker’s Compensation Insurance, Super contributions and payroll fees. When you’re hiring a nanny you may also be responsible for paying them for sick days or annual leave that they take. Determine your budget and what employment conditions and rate you are willing to offer your new nanny.

NannyPay can help you with cost estimates even before you have a nanny locked in – just book a free consultation call to discuss your situation!

Advertise and screen applicants

When you understand the basics of what you want to offer, it’s time to find your nanny! You can advertise on recruitment websites, social media, nanny search platforms, or even in your local community. Make sure your ad lists all the essential information  – the schedule, duties, ages of the children, requirements, employment type and hourly rate/range.

When considering applicants, make sure they hold a Working With Children Check/equivalent (this is a legal requirement in each state). We also highly recommend First Aid and CPR Certification as another must-have for all nannies! Before hiring a nanny you should check their documentation to confirm their identity and safety with children.


Hiring a nanny is such a personal process and it’s important to have the right interactions with someone before making a decision. You might choose to do a phone call first or go straight to meeting in person – just follow your instincts! However you begin, make sure that your potential nanny meets your family in your home before you move forward. It’s important to see how they interact with the children and it’s valuable for the nanny to see their new workplace (your home).

Present an offer

Once you’ve chosen the perfect nanny for your family you’ll want to get them onboard ASAP. With NannyPay’s Premium option we provide you with an employment contract template that you can customise to fit your role. We’ll also get you and the nanny set up so that their pay, tax, and Super is managed the right way with all the required documentation.

Hiring a nanny with an agreement in writing and setting them up with legal employment through a payroll company will show your new nanny that you value the service they will provide to your family.

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