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This year marks my fourth year operating NannyPay and I’m proud of our nanny payroll services’ contribution to improving the nanny experience for 1000s of nannies and families in Australia. Every day our team provides customised nanny payroll management, helping facilitate strong and enduring relationships between families and their nannies. 

Before owning NannyPay, I was a career nanny who worked for 15 years in the Australian nanny industry. I have spent 10 years volunteering with the Australian Nanny Association to advocate for professional nannies and support them in building careers that will set them up for long-term financial success. 

This journey unfortunately showed me the journey towards legal and fair compensation can be daunting, maybe making it seem easier to pay your nanny cash. I get it, managing domestic payroll is hard to navigate and confusion can result in important obligations for a professional nanny arrangement being missed. My own confusion (as a career nanny representing herself) resulted in years of underpayment and missing out on Super, seeing me almost leave the industry that I loved.

I want to share my lessons and industry knowledge to help you understand how employing your nanny properly using a nanny payroll service is not only beneficial but essential for families and their valued caregivers.  

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1. Setting the Tone of Professionalism

Paying your nanny through a legitimate payroll service communicates a profound message: you take their career seriously and value their role as a professional one. When you legally employ your nanny you establish a tone of respect and seriousness, establishing a professional nanny arrangement built on trust and appreciation. This is often reciprocated with the nanny providing a more professional and reliable nanny service. 

2. A valued nanny will commit for longer

Proper compensation isn’t just about adhering to legal requirements; it’s about valuing your nanny’s contribution and dedication. When nannies feel adequately compensated and respected, job satisfaction soars, naturally translating into higher retention rates with the families who employ them. When you legally employ your nanny they are likely to stay with your family longer, helping you mitigate the time and costs associated with a high nanny turnover. Keeping your nanny long-term means consistent and stable care for your family.

3. The Australian nanny industry has evolved, gone are the days where it was normal to pay your nanny cash

Nanny working rights have evolved substantially over the past few years.  The combination of formal industry changes (2018 saw the decision to place nannies under an official Award) and the nanny community connecting more with one another has resulted in fair and legal pay being an expectation for career nannies. Nanny work can be isolating, so nannies often use online communities and professional development events to discuss their working arrangements and learn to professionalise their services.

Increased advocating and awareness has lead nannies to expect legitimate pay through nanny payroll services. The bar has also been lifted for nanny agencies to advertise and recruit within fair and legal employment practices.

4. Nanny Payroll services make it easy to employ

When I first entered the industry there wasn’t much support for families to manage the administration that comes with employment. NannyPay offers an affordable and easy end to end solution, allowing busy parents to outsource the time-consuming tasks like ATO and super lodgements. Using a service that makes it just as easy for you to employ your nanny legally as to pay your nanny cash means you focus on what truly matters: nurturing your family and fostering meaningful connections with your nanny.

5. When you legally employ your nanny, it minimises your liability

Nanny payroll services will protect you from the risks that come if you pay your nanny cash in hand. Paying someone to work with your home makes you liable for things like work cover insurance and ATO compliance. Using a nanny payroll service that understands these obligations will help you meet to shield your family from potential legal ramifications in the event of unforeseen accidents or disputes.

don't pay your nanny cash

Launching NannyPay to the Australian Nanny Industry has been a passion project for me and a career highlight. We’ve transferred millions of dollars in wages, tax, and superannuation to nannies in all different types of roles all across Australia.  The NannyPay nanny payroll service is mutually beneficial, helping families receive better nanny services and providing financial stability for the Australian nanny workforce.

By embracing the convenience and peace of mind offered by nanny payroll services, you not only safeguard your family’s interests but also honor the invaluable contributions of your trusted caregivers.

Want to employ a nanny but not sure where to start? NannyPay offers free, no obligation phone call for families to understand how their arrangement would work on payroll.

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