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We Need A Nanny – Four reasons why we love them!

At NannyPay, our goals are bigger than just providing a payroll service for families and nannies. Our mission is about fixing an industry where too many workers are paid cash in hand and, often, below minimum wage.

We can’t do it alone so we have started to reach out to different brands to work with us in our new Payroll Partner Program. This program is designed to connect with brands that, like NannyPay, are passionate advocates for Australian Nannies.

Last week we announced our first partner – We Need A Nanny – and it’s not hard to see why we chose them.

Strong passion and purpose

Let’s make one thing clear, there are plenty of online nanny/family matchmaking platforms that we would not invite to be Payroll Partners.

For many within the industry, these platforms are viewed as a bit of a ‘wild west’ where families throw out below minimum offers and nannies are able to apply without the most basic clearance to work with children.

Since the day we first connected with the team at We Need A Nanny it was clear that they have big goals to help lift standards within the nanny industry. It’s not just a website that’s put up and forgotten about. It has a strong team behind it and they are constantly evolving the brand towards a better future of work for Aussie nannies.

The smooth website experience

We Need A Nanny has been helping over 150,000 nannies since 2006. If you’ve been in the industry for some time, you’ve probably noticed a complete revamp of the website recently, especially when it comes to user experience.

It can be hard for a nanny website to avoid seeming cluttered with an overload of information. But the end to end process for both families and nannies using We Need A Nanny just gets better and better. They understand that the industry can be confusing to navigate, and actively work to provide clear information without overwhelming people.

They are super proactive and responsive with feedback too!

Informative and supportive

The nanny industry can be confusing. For an online platform to offer helpful matchmaking there is a lot riding on making sure the nannies and families using the site are being educated in the right way to go about engagement.

Unlike many other platforms, We Need A Nanny is actively working to grow their platform of information and resources (including NannyPay) to be a one-stop-shop for nannies and families. They share our goal to help people to be fully informed about their rights and responsibilities when entering into nanny employment.

A particular favourite of ours is their amazing user guide that is designed to help parents end to end in their nanny search.

Plenty more to come
We Need A Nanny is only just getting started in their vision to make the website an all-inclusive offering for nannies and families. Their team continue to work on providing more offerings and keeping the information on the site up-to-date and meeting users’ needs.

If you head to other platforms you’ll often find the information, blogs, and FAQ to be outdated. It can feel like they are just set up to earn passive money for the owners, with minimal to no ongoing work put in to keep things updated and running smoothly.

We Need A Nanny continues to raise the bar with fresh and thorough information and improvements to the user experience, so it’s easy to see why we have chosen them to be our first payroll partner.

Our goals are aligned, and we are so excited to see where this collaboration will lead!

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