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As Mother’s Day approaches, nannies may find themselves questioning what their role is in the children’s gifts. Should they dip into their own pockets to purchase gifts for the children to give their parents on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? It’s important for nannies to know that they should not feel obligated to spend money on these occasions. 

Encouraging children to be thoughtful and creative in ways to show their mum how much she means to them though, is a great way to go above and beyond as a professional nanny. So instead of links of things to buy, let’s explore creative crafting ideas that not only celebrate Mother’s Day but also promote financial mindfulness.

Mother’s Day Crafts

photo frame

Idea 1: Handmade Photo Frame:

  • Utilise readily available materials such as cardboard from breakfast boxes, glue, scissors, and decorations.
  • Cut and shape the cardboard into desired frame shapes, and encourage the children to decorate them with paints, markers, or stickers.
  • Insert a photo of the child or a drawing made by them to personalise the frame further.
  • This thoughtful gift will serve as a cherished keepsake for Mum.

draw food

Craft Idea 2: Homemade Recipe Book:

  • Engage the children in brainstorming their favourite family recipes and have them draw accompanying illustrations.
  • Use recycled paper or materials found around the house to create pages for the recipe book.
  • Assemble the pages and bind them together with string or ribbon.
  • Present this homemade recipe book as a heartfelt and personalised gift for Mother’s Day.


Craft Idea 3: Handprint Painting:

  • Set up a painting station with washable paints and large sheets of paper.
  • Have the children dip their hands in the paint and press them onto the paper to create vibrant handprint art.
  • Encourage creativity by allowing the children to add additional decorations or messages to the artwork.
  • Once dry, the handprint paintings can be framed or hung as personalised pieces for Mum to treasure.

This Mother’s Day, nannies can help children celebrate mums for little to no cost by engaging in these budget-friendly crafting activities during the lead-up mum’s special day. From personalised photo frames to homemade recipe books and handprint paintings, these heartfelt gifts not only honour mothers but also promote creativity and resourcefulness. They’re also a fun way to spend time!

Ready to create memorable moments with the kids this Mother’s Day? Explore these craft ideas and enjoy the joy of giving without the pressure of spending money.

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