nanny payrates for 2024

What are the nanny payrates for 2024? 

When parents hire a nanny one of their biggest questions is “how much should I pay my nanny?” – what is appropriate? The short answer in Australia, in 2024, is “between $30-40+ per hour”. It’s a big range. NannyPay’s mission is to support families to set up fair and legal employment for their trusted nannies, because we know that appropriate wages are an essential part of building a positive working relationship.

The Australian nanny industry is very loosely regulated (though not unregulated – it’s important for you to be aware of the legal minimums you must meet for nanny payrates for 2024, which we took you through in a previous blog post). But if you’re thinking about hiring a nanny then what you really need to know is how much you should actually be paying them. What is going to be an attractive yet appropriate offer in a time when nannies are in high demand?

Nanny payrates for 2024 have stabilised a little after a few years of significant growth. They vary based on many factors depending on where in Australia you live, the kind of duties required, and a nanny’s experience.

A recap of minimum nanny payrates in 2024

Nannies in Australia fall under the Miscellaneous Award. For Permanent Full-Time or Part-Time nanny employees, who receive paid time off, minimum nanny payrates for 2024 start at $24.08 per hour for ordinary work hours.⁠ The current base nanny wage for a Casually Employed nanny is $30.10 per hour.⁠ Nannies may also be entitled to higher wages if they work outside of these hours or overtime. The Pay Guide (which you can download here) specifies the higher rates you need to pay your nanny for evenings, weekends, public holidays, and hours over 38 per week.

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But do you want to know the real world figures of typical nanny payrates for 2024 in Australia?

Sydney and Melbourne
Nanny payrates for 2024 in Australia’s largest markets are typically the highest (which makes sense, considering the cost of living and the populations). For a nanny with up to a few years of experience and very little responsibility outside of caring for children, you can expect to pay a base rate of $27-35 per hour (depending on whether your nanny is a Casual Employee or Permanent Employee). For a more experienced nanny and/or someone taking on additional tasks for your home/family, you can expect to pay a base rate of $32-40+ per hour (depending on your nanny’s employment type).

Brisbane/Gold Coast, Perth, and Canberra
These areas are secondary nanny markets in Australia, and average nanny pay rates here are a little lower. For a new nanny with a small number of responsibilities you can expect to pay a base rate of around $26-32+ per hour (for a Casual or Permanent nanny employee) whereas for an experienced nanny or one with higher level of responsibilities you can expect to pay between $30-40 per hour.

Smaller cities and regional areas
With a much smaller nanny market in other places, nanny payrates for 2024 in places like South Australia, Tasmania, and regional parts of other states vary a lot depending on the people involved. For a nanny just starting out you can expect to pay between $24-32 per hour and for more experienced nannies or larger roles, you can expect to pay a base rate of $28-40 per hour (again depending on your nanny’s employment type).

The ranges above are based on NannyPay’s in-depth knowledge of the industry and are to be used as a guide only. Nanny payrates for 2024 will also range outside of these figures. There will always be some nannies who are not employed (and nanny pay rates really mean different things when it’s in cash/contracting!).  Each nanny/family relationship is unique.

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So what is right for your family and your nanny?

Hiring a nanny is not in every family’s budget and is not right for everyone, but there is a wide range in nanny payrates for 2024, so it can be workable for a lot of parents.

It’s important to consider your budget and plan your strategy when determining what nanny pay rate is right for your circumstances. But don’t forget to consider the value that a great nanny will bring to your life. Having someone you’ve chosen, caring for your children in your home, working to meet your family’s needs, is worth the effort to ensure your nanny is paid the right way.

The NannyPay team is happy to answer your questions and guide you to the right resources to make the best decision for your nanny arrangement – whether you end up choosing to sign up for NannyPay’s payroll service or not. Reach out to us for a no-obligation chat!

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