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We guide you to pay your nanny the right way, ensuring legal compliance, providing expert support, and simplifying the complexities of domestic payroll management, see what our customers have to say.

NannyPay and Lauren provide a wonderful and very useful service! Lauren and the team are professionals at taking care of the details of paying your nanny.

The team are good at communicating and proactive at sharing relevant information and changes that may impact the employment relationship. I would highly recommend this service.

Rachel Sheard

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Aqua has been a valued client for Nannypay for over 2 years an say “The best team! We wish we could use them for all our different payroll needs.  Lauren and her team bent over backwards to be and provide a great service.” Press play to hear more about her time with NannyPay.

“NannyPay has been amazing for my career. The team helped my family pay me correctly and on time which means less financial stress for me. I am able to keep track of my hours and pay online where I can find all my timesheets and payslips in one place. Thank you for such a smooth service. I highly recommend NannyPay to every nanny and family! “
-Jen – NannyPay customer for 4 years.

“We’ve been using NannyPay to take care of payroll, tax and super for our nannies for over two years now. The service has been great at taking the hassle out of making sure we’re doing all the right things legally and looking after our nanny. The team at NannyPay have always been very helpful and responsive. Using NannyPay is a great way to make employing a nanny as easy as possible.”
– Matt and Sarah – NannyPay Customers for 4 years.

“”We found NannyPay to be an easy, stress-free way to pay our Nanny. They take care of all the admin and are super responsive to any questions we have. I would recommend this for anyone in our situation.”
– James & Kate, NannyPay Customers for 2+ years.

“I’ve been using NannyPay for over a year now and couldn’t be more happy with the service. I don’t have to spend hours checking time, transferring money and working out tax to pay. NannyPay does this for me and ensures that I’m legally compliant and gives me final approval on money transfer. In a competitive market, our nanny knows that she is always paid on time and taxed correctly at award rates using NannyPay. It’s a win-win for everyone.”
– Marina – NannyPay Customer for nearly 2 years.

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