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Thanks for completing the first step of your NannyPay set up.  Please check your inbox to complete the second stage.

What’s next?

We’ve emailed you the next set of questions to better understand the employment offer for your nanny.  Please have the following information ready to list in the form we’ve just emailed you.

  • Your ABN (Australian Business Number),
  • If you don’t hold an ABN, we’ll need your TFN (tax file number)
  • Your details
  • Your Tax File Number and date of birth
  • Your nanny’s details
  • The employment offer

Still working out the employment offer details?  No worries!  Please list the details you have and our expert team will be in touch to finalise the specifics during onboarding.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please email the team at payroll@nannypay.com.au or call 1300 707 664.

We’re here to support you every step of the way!

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Frequently asked set-up questions

What steps are required for families setting up with NannyPay?

Here’s what’s coming next!

  1. We will email you the next round of (more detailed) questions about your new nanny arrangement. 
  2. You will recieve documents to read and sign digitally.
    1. Client agreement 
    2. Resource and Work Cover disclaimer (Premium only)
  3. We will send you an onboarding invoice to pay, using the account we will direct debit from.


What steps are required for nannies setting up with NannyPay?

A contractor works to complete a certain task with flexibility around how this is done, whereas a nanny typically works for a certain length of time in scheduled shifts while completing specific duties to meet a family’s needs.

Unsure where you and your nanny fit in? We recommend contacting the ATO or tapping into the Employee or Contractor Decision Tool

How does the ATO lodgements work? Do I need an ABN?

If you don’t have an ABN we do not need you to register for one.  Our team will set you up with a WPN (witholding payer number) using your TFN (Tax file number) and use this to process the ATO lodgements for your nanny’s payroll.

If you have an active ABN (even if it’s unused) we will use this to process the ATO lodgements for your nanny’s payroll.   Also, we may request an intro to your accountant to discuss any lodgement activity that’s relevant for them to know.



What nanny information do the family need to provide?

In the next stage of onboarding we’ll need the nanny’s name, number and email.  We will onboard your nanny to their digital portal for them to enter their super, bank and tax details, lodge timesheets, access payslips and sign a tax declaration form.

What if we are still working out the details of our arrangement?

That’s completely fine!  We love it when nannies and families take their time to properly understand and discuss the new arrangement.  Our expert team are on hand to discuss your offer in more detail to help you understand exacty it means for you and your nanny.

The offer just needs to be finalised before the nanny’s first payroll.


Can you provide us with a contract template?

Absolutely!  Our premium onboarding comes with an employment contract template for you to build and present to your new nanny.  Please note, this template is not legal advice but was built to reflect unique nature of a nanny arrangement.  

It’s always a good idea to have the details of the arrangement in writing and signed by both parties. 

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