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Templates for parents working with Nannies.

NannyPay Templates.

NannyPays provides a variety of helpful downloadable templates for parents who are managing their nanny. These templates are designed to simplify tasks and improve communication, making it easier for busy parents to manage their household and care for their children. Whether you need a nanny timesheet, a household instruction guide, or a negotiation guide, our templates are essential resources for anyone looking to manage their nanny effectively.

Negotiation guide

Our Negotiations Guide is essential for families employing a nanny. With sections covering topics such as salary, benefits, and scheduling, ensuring that you’ree quipped to negotiate a fair agreement with your nanny. 

Family guide

The Family Guide Template is designed to help your nanny access important information when needed. It is intended to provide a helpful reference, rather than a strict set of rules, recognising the complex and unique nature of families and homes.

Nanny interview guide

This printable guide is designed to help you navigate your nanny interviews.  Use this list to ensure you’re asking the right questions and confirming the right checks.  

Household guide

The Household Instructions template is an essential tool for nannies, providing a comprehensive guide to your household. From appliance usage to car details, this printable template ensures that your nanny has all the information they need to operate smoothly within your home.

Nanny to-do list

Our Nanny To-Do List template is a valuable tool for families and nannies. With daily, weekly, and monthly sections, it provides a clear overview of tasks. Use it to stay organized, ensure important tasks are not forgotten, and streamline your workday.  Remember to consider what’s realistic alongside the priority of childcare.

Job ad writing guide

The Job Ad Prompter Template is a versatile tool that helps parents create attractive job ads by highlighting the key points that nannies find most relevant. It allows you to pick and choose the information you want to include, making it easy to create a style of ad that will appeal to your ideal candidate.

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