Nanny Pay Pricing

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NannyPay Pricing

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  • $57 fortnightly payroll
  • Employer/employee set up
  • Lodge quarterly PAYG and Super
  • Single Touch Payroll obligations
  • Support and Guidance
  • PLUS:
  • Worker’s Compensation management
  • Employment contract template

We make it easy to pay your nanny.

Nanny pay pricing

Tap into our industry experts to set off on the right foot.

Nanny arrangements vary from family to family.
That’s why it’s hard to pinpoint the right amount to pay.

As part of our NannyPay service, our expert team is on hand to guide you with pricing estimates before you start, so what you end up offering your nanny not only meets Award minimums but also suits your family budget.

Start with this general list of nanny expenses as a rough guide:

  • Superannuation
  • The gross wage (including tax)
  • Leave entitlements (some arrangements)
  • Guaranteed hours (some arrangements)
  • Your Worker’s Compensation insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to employ a nanny using a payroll company?

Payroll services such as NannyPay will handle all the paperwork, processes and payments to make things simpler for you.

But you will still be your nanny’s employee and liaise directly with your nanny when it comes to duties and schedules.

Why is my nanny an employee instead of a contractor?

A contractor works to complete a certain task with flexibility around how this is done, whereas a nanny typically works for a certain length of time in scheduled shifts while completing specific duties to meet a family’s needs.

Unsure where you and your nanny fit in? We recommend contacting the ATO or tapping into the Employee or Contractor Decision Tool

How do I know how much to pay?

Nannies fall under the Miscellaneous Award and industry-specific pay minimums apply.

In saying that, nanny industry standards tend to be higher than Award minimums. More experienced nannies will also usually expect higher pay than those just starting out.

Because nanny pay rates vary greatly, it’s important to have that conversation with your dream nanny.

Why should I employ my Nanny?

Most nannies in Australia are determined by Fair Work to be employees with only a small selection of scenarios allowing a nanny to operate under their own ABN. 

For your own peace of mind – and protection against liability – employing your nanny legally is the safest option.

Paying your nanny cash in hand can see you having to back pay super and tax in addition to any shortfall of income to the award rate and penalties.

Giving your nanny employment security helps them commit to the role and your family.

Do I have to register with the ATO to employ?

Yes. As an employer, you need to register with the ATO to lodge payroll data on behalf of your employee. This also helps the ATO monitor compliance with Fair Work requirements.

Using a payroll service such as NannyPay still makes you the nanny’s employer. 

Luckily for you, NannyPay can help you set all that up.

What ATO obligations does NannyPay handle on my behalf?

NannyPay handles all your ongoing ATO obligations for you. We:

  • Report payroll amounts to the ATO with each payroll
  • Report and remit tax withheld from your employee’s wage each quarter
  • Provide your nanny with a PAYG payment summary within 14 days of the financial year end and report these amounts to the ATO.

Do I have to pay my nanny’s superannuation?

If your nanny works over 30 hours a week with your family, you legally must pay superannuation.

In an increasing number of arrangements, superannuation payments are also considered when your nanny works less hours. 

We can pay your nanny’s superannuation as a quarterly contribution to their chosen superannuation fund for you.

What is work cover insurance and how do I get it?

Workers compensation insurance (work cover) is a legal requirement for all Australian employers. It’s compulsory to insure your workers against work-related injury or illness.  

Work Cover policies are offered through selected state-based insurance providers with the costs varying greatly from state to state.  

Want us to take care of the admin for you? NannyPay offers management options with our payroll packages.

Do I need an employment contract with my nanny?

We strongly recommend it!

A written employment agreement helps to make the role and responsibilities clear to both the nanny and the family.

It’s a document you often won’t value until a situation comes up down the track. So it’s best practice to set things up properly from the beginning.

Our NannyPay employment contract template is included in our Premium onboarding service to make your life easier.

What’s the difference between casual employment vs permanent employment?

In casual employment, a nanny is paid for the hours they work and receives a casual loading (25% extra on minimum rates) on their wage in lieu of receiving paid time off.

Permanent employees accrue paid vacation days, sick days, and are entitled to paid days off for public holidays.

Both casual and permanent employees have taxes withheld from their gross wage and earn superannuation in the same manner.

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